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Monday, August 14, 2017

Fux Fur x Tulle

My weekend was very eventful. I drove to Dallas with my daughter to visit family and boy did I need it. I realized that I have been so caught up with work and forget that unwinding and recharging especially with family is necessary. And that is exactly what I did. Unwinded! 

Went out with my little cousin for a friends birthday and let's just say It was Lit! lol. I had literally not been out to the club since September of last year. But then again that is now actually not on the top of the list of things I enjoy doing. I am more of a home body, drink a glass of wine, binge watch Netflix, play and color with my daughter kind of girl. I also love to dress up, put fits together and lately I have been finding myself altering clothing  I have not worn in over a year .( more options and more use for my coin) And by altering I mean cutting clothing up no fancy sowing machine needed here. Hahahhaa

Which brings me to today's post. I absolutely love fur, any type really. Something about it that will turn any outfit into a glamorous affair. The top I have one was actually part of a dress I bought from misguided back in 2015. I only wore the dress once or twice, so I figured why not cut it; use safety pins to hold it in place and wear it as a crop top. I paired it with this sheer tulle skirt, and a long denim jacket for an edgy vibe. 

I hope you like how the look come together. Love you for reading. 


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Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Little Red Dress

I get asked a lot on how I juggle being a mother, work and blog. The truth is sometimes I ask myself that too. But I believe you make time for the things you love. I sometimes well most times work a 12 hour night shift, (Am a nurse by the way) get off, go home do my makeup and shoot. I however, shoot a minimum of 3 looks with each shoot that way I just post through out the week. 

This was the case with this little Red number. And yes I wore miss match socks because I somehow packed one of each when I really meant to pack two pairs so I could have options. Well as you can see, I ended up not having any options. I did not like the look without the sock trend so I figured I will make my own trend hahahaha( lies you tell yourself to rationalize things) The cone was an impromptu idea, my dress matched it's color so I figured why not stand next to it. 

Hope you like how the look come together. How do you guys make time for things you are passionate about? Love you for reading 

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Saturday, July 29, 2017

Flower Child

The year seems to be moving too fast for me. I can not believe we are a few months before thanksgiving ,then  before you know it it's Christmas. All the same looking back at all the goals I had set to achieve this year, I pretty much crossed most of them off though I have a lot more to do. 

I have come to the realization that it's not all about taking pictures and blogging just for the sake of blogging but to push myself creatively, grow my brand, connect with amazing women and inspire even if it's just one person. I have to be honest I sometimes feel I want to just stop and not be bothered about it but then I realize I am my happiest when I see something anything really and am inspired to make an outfit around it

This was definitely the case when I went to one of my Ugandan ( but grow u in Zambia so she is really Zambian lol) friends house warming. I saw these woven baskets back in April and I knew I wanted them all ( yes I will do another look with the other) to somehow be in one of my ensemble. Fast forward to July I had the honor of hosting an event with some amazing women where I gave style tips. And that is when I saw this floral dress and immediately knew the two would definitely be a perfect match . Ms Tamara of tamris was kind enough to let me have the dress

I dressed it town with my most abused shoe in my closet my chucks. I swear these shoe go with everything. And thanks  to my photographer the continental garden was the perfect back drop. 

What do you guys thin? Do any of you bloggers also get discouraged sometimes? 

Love you for reading 

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