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Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Sisters in power ATL recap


On May 13th 2017, I had the pleasure of attending my second sisters in power event. The experience was just as motivational and inspirational as the first event I attended in Dallas Tx. This time however, the event was in Atlanta Georgia. The venue was at one of ATL hot spot called the Havana Club where guests were served the most delicious food, great cocktails and sweet wine for light weights such as myself. 

There was quite a notable  difference from my Dallas experience however. That difference happened to be the inclusion of 3 successful gentlemen on the panel of speakers. This attracted more male audience members. A huge plus in that it made the experience even more socially rewarding. The men on the panel and those in the audience alike brought that male perspective of thinking to the different topics/questions discussed. 

The panel included, Author, Mentor and transformation coach 

Benjamin Raymond 


Certified Life and relationship  Coach/ Author  

Stephan speaks

 Basketball wives star,TV personality  

Tami Roman

 Activist, Actor, Grammy award winner  

David Banner

Former American Idol contestant/ Broadway star  

Loren Lott

Business woman/ Show Host  

Julianna Richards
 And last and certainly not the least Radio personality, Superstar Basketball  
Johanna Leila

Race in America, the black lives matter movement, black history,  How to be proud of your heritage and not offend other races,  black on black love/crime, love and relationship, starting a business, staying motivated and following ones passion were some of the topics that sparked passion in the room. It was interesting that despite the differences of opinion that some speakers and audiences members had on some of the topics mentioned, there was still that calm common ground that we where all there to empower and uplift one another. And that through our many different backgrounds and walks of life we can still relate and motivate each other through sharing how we overcome the challenges we endure in life. It was truly a life changing experience and It personally made me more self aware than I would like to admit.




Lastly, I want to thank you for taking a read, and especially thank sisters in power for the opportunity. And remember the sisters in power movement continues to empower and motivate women one city at a time. So Visit their site and see when they are in your city or close to it. Life can be stressful and sometimes you just need to decompose and hit that reset button. Sisters in power is that reset button 



Sunday, April 30, 2017

Tribe of Dumo Collabo/ An Ankara story


Before it was a fashion fad Ankara was typically worn by poor Africans. It was also considered to be a traditional garb for cultural celebrations and holidays. It's now no secret that Fashion enthusiast all over the world just can't get enough of Ankara pieces. celebrities such as Beyoncé (king Bey), Rihanna, Lupita, First Lady Michelle Obama have embraced the Ankara style. In fact it is safe to say that Ankara designs have become so popular that they are now part of main stream fashion scene



However because Ankara prints tend to be very bold and bright, they are not for the fashionably coy. Which brings me to my post. I collaborated with up and coming Houston sister  designers of 

Tribe of dumo 


I instantly fail in love with their pieces when I saw them at African fashion week Houston. Reason being, they have creatively figured out ways to mix polka dots (a classic and fave of mine) with Ankara prints. This not only gives them a signature design that stands out but it adds a new edgy, flirty and urban twist to the traditional Ankara look. 


As you can see,  the playsuit speaks for it self in that regard. Love the fact that it can easily be dressed up with killer heels or down with flats which clearly was what I opted for. 


How would you guys style this look? And lastly do you think it's culture appropriation or just an inclusion/recognition that Ankara is now part of main stream fashion? Keeping in mind that according to CNN Africa, Ankara has become one of the most commonly exported textile items from Africa. Thoughts? 

As always thank you for stopping by. 

Xo Lulu



tribe of dumo

Friday, April 28, 2017

Boho Chic


I have found that am in my style element when I put on an outfit that has various bohemian, hippie and especially cultural influences in it. Just love the easy not so well put together yet chic the boho style screams. By definition, boho is shortened from bohemian meaning someone who dose not confirm to society and is often focused on the art. You know the free spirits of the world who are daring and wander from the norm (hi great to meet you)


Today's post is in sync with the above definition. The whole outfit come together solely inspired by what is referred to as "Munchile" in my native lingo. This is used as a grinder for various food items such as spices, corn, peanuts( makes yummy organic peanut butter) etc. Think of it as a manual blender of some sorts. Anyway the earth tones on the "Munchile " were my primary focus. 


With that in mind I bought this gorgeous jumpsuit from misguided for 50% off. I Paired it with a brown belt from forever 21, scarf from Zara, my blessed bracelet sent to me by a Christian jewelry store  called All that glitters. And finally to finish off my boho ensemble I went cave men chic in the shoe department (barefooted lol) 

When are you in your style element? As always thanks for taking a read

Xo Lulu 


                   Seen on me 
Bracelet allthatglitters7 (thank you) 

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