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Sunday, June 4, 2017

Fashion x Austin ( Austin Fashion Week)


In March 2016, I  decided I would be more consistent with blogging.  So I made some short term and long term blogging goals  for Akellochic. One of my many long term goals, was to be able to attend the major fashion shows in the 3 mojor cities in Texas. These are Houston, Dallas and Austin, all run by FashionX. Co. So you can imagine how over joyed I was to receive an email from them to not only attend and do media coverage but to also have VIP access. It truly felt rewarding, and that I had reached a mile stone in my love and passion for Fashion. As the saying goes always acknowledge the mile stones you set and  accomplish no matter how small or big they are. This one, this one was definitely one for my books. 

The show was a 3 day event from May18 through the 20th and was held at the  JW Marriott hotel in heart of beautiful downtown Austin. I was over ecstatic and to say my experience exceeded my expectations is an understatement. The ballroom was on the second floor of the 5 star hotel. In the hallway as you made your way to the ballroom, was the red carpet where guests took flicks standing in front of a back drop that had the event logo and the many amazing sponsors. 


The room was filled with guests networking as they sipped to cocktails they fancied. There was also Vendors with different enticing products giving guests the option of shopping as they networked. In the center of the room was the gorgeous runway in its all white glory and a grass green with white flower back drop at the end where the models would come out to walk the runway. To the side of the runway where big projection screens that would show the name of the designer as the models walked. To the very 

Opposite of the runway was the VIP lounge where guests enjoyed free cocktails and wine while networking. 



The show began with founder and CEO of fashion.co Matt Swinney adreesing the crowd, cracking a few jokes here and there, acknowledging the amount of talent Austin had

and thanking his team. Then it was runway time. Each designer I felt, had ready to wear pieces. I could not wait to head backstage and see how I could get the pieces that spoke to me could make their way into my closet. 



It was truly an amazing, inspiring and booster to keep following my passion. I felt at home. I want to end by thanking POM PR

for allowing Akellochic to be part of the media at Fashion x Austin 2017. It was truly one for the books. And a huge congratulations to FashionX.co for a every successful Fashion week.  And as always Thank you everyone for taking a read. Until next time stay fabulous, determined and focused






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