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Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Little Red Dress

I get asked a lot on how I juggle being a mother, work and blog. The truth is sometimes I ask myself that too. But I believe you make time for the things you love. I sometimes well most times work a 12 hour night shift, (Am a nurse by the way) get off, go home do my makeup and shoot. I however, shoot a minimum of 3 looks with each shoot that way I just post through out the week. 

This was the case with this little Red number. And yes I wore miss match socks because I somehow packed one of each when I really meant to pack two pairs so I could have options. Well as you can see, I ended up not having any options. I did not like the look without the sock trend so I figured I will make my own trend hahahaha( lies you tell yourself to rationalize things) The cone was an impromptu idea, my dress matched it's color so I figured why not stand next to it. 

Hope you like how the look come together. How do you guys make time for things you are passionate about? Love you for reading 

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